We wish to thank the employees celebrating their work anniversary for their many years of dedication and loyalty.

This year Donges SteelTec GmbH once again is once again honoring its anniversary guests with a group dinner at the “Sitte” restaurant in Darmstadt. Hans Schneider has been honored for 40 years of service to the company, along with Hubert Krüger and Pierre Petri, who have already been with the company for a quarter of a century. This is a clear sign of the employees’ strong loyalty to the company. “The large number of employees who have been with the company for many years is of immeasurable value to Donges,” emphasized Managing Director Johannes Laumann in his remarks, and described the passionate commitment of the employees as an important key to the company’s success.

In a congenial atmosphere and festive setting, the anniversary celebrants marked the occasion with their partners, superiors, works council members and management, who honored each employee with an individual laudation.

A special honor was bestowed upon Hans Scheider for his 40 years of service. He received a certificate of congratulations from the State of Hesse for his many years of employment with the company.


Increment 1 successfully pre-assembled

The initial steel components of the second construction phase were completely pre-assembled in the form station. Sections 1 to 5 have been placed on the completed staging frame.

In the next step, the interior diagonal sections were installed. Since then, the welding work on the entire superstructure has been in full swing.

By the end of the year, the lateral cantilevers will be assembled before the entire first increment cycle is moved in February.


North bridge structure shortly before completion

Steel construction is nearing completion on the north bridge structure.

The deck coating has already been applied on more than half the bridge.
The welding work of the second half is almost complete and the corrosion protection work is in full swing.

After completion of the steel construction, the later roadway slab still needs a layer of concrete before it can be moved via SPMTs into its final position in spring.

Completion of the steel structure assembly on the A45 motorway

In another night operation, the last steel components were assembled on the A45 Dorlar viaduct.

The 650t crawler crane was once again deployed. It successfully lifted the end cross girder in axis 12 and the four corresponding longitudinal girders.

Beginning of mast assembly

Assembly of the supply mast began in mid-October.

First came the base point, followed by placement of the initial four sections on top of each other. Afterwards, the sections are welded together before assembly of additional sections continues.

Construction progressing according to schedule in Gunzenhausen

At our building construction site, last week marked the beginning of the next-to-last and largest construction phase.

It involves the showroom and loading building with total tonnage of 160 tons.