First movement has taken place as planned.

The first movement of the 2nd construction phase was successfully completed.
The shots 1 – 5 with a total length of 130 m were moved into the valley.

Immediately after the movement, the foundations were rebuilt, since in the following week the shots 6 – 10 will already be delivered and laid down.

Steel construction work on the north bridge structure completed

After completion of the steel structure, the construction was stacked up by a specialist company and set down on temporary abutments.
In this state, the bridge now waits for the roadway slab to be concreted before it is moved into its end position with the aid of SPMTs.

On February 8th, 2019 the bidding consortium Züblin/Donges/Strabag was awarded the contract for the replacement construction of the Grumbachtal bridge by the State Office for Road Construction, Neunkirchen. The total order volume amounts to around € 71 million. Donges SteelTec has been commissioned with the manufacture, delivery and assembly of the 4,800 t steel structure and the corrosion protection work and will thus take over almost 30 % of the order volume.

The construction will be carried out in 2 phases of 2,400 t each, with the first phase to be completed in 2020 and the second phase in 2022. This will ensure good capacity utilisation of the Donges bridge production facilities beyond 2019.

The existing structure is a composite bridge, built in 1961. As it is not possible to repair or reinforce the structure, it will be replaced by a new structure.

The new construction is planned as a composite bridge with two separate superstructures. In order to maintain the four-lane traffic during the entire construction project, the superstructure of the 2nd partial structure will initially be constructed in a provisional lateral position on temporary substructures. After demolition of the existing structure and erection of all final substructures, as well as after construction of the superstructure of the 1st partial structure, the superstructure of the 2nd partial structure will be moved to its final position. The temporary structures are then to be demolished.

The spans were optimised in terms of structural design. In order to avoid a collision between the foundation of the existing building and the foundation of the new building and the associated complications during the construction of the structures and the bored piles, the spans were increased in comparison to the existing building.


Technical Information

Type: Composite bridge with two separate superstructures
Length: 380 m
Largest span: 86 m
Building width: 16.5 m per superstructure
Tonnage: 4,800 t
Client: State Office for Road Construction Neunkirchen

Press Release

Darmstadt (Germany), March 7, 2019 – The Donges Group, specializing in steel construction and high-quality roof and façade solutions, is expanding in the flat roof systems sector. Donges SteelTec has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of FDT FlachdachTechnologie GmbH & Co. KG, based in Mannheim. The transaction marks the third strategic acquisition for the Darmstadt-based Donges Group and is expected to close until the end of March. This is already Donges SteelTec’s second acquisition in the current fiscal year.

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Press Release

Darmstadt (Germany), February 28, 2019 – Donges Group, specializing in the planning, design, engineering and construction of steel bridges and steel building constructions as well as high-quality roof and façade solutions, is expanding into Northern Europe. Today Donges signed a purchase agreement with Normek Group Oy about the acquisition of Normek Oy based in Vantaa, Finland, and its subsidiaries in Finland and Sweden. The acquisition was also closed today and marks the second add-on acquisition for German Donges Group.

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