Shaping the future atop a former air-raid shelter

According to the motto “Using the tried and true in creating something new”, BASF Wohnen + Bauen GmbH is building a new “Creation Center” office building for the employees of the BASF Design-Fabrik (“design factory”) on the roof of a former World War II air-raid shelter in Ludwigshafen.

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Beginning of mast assembly

Assembly of the supply mast began in mid-October.

First came the base point, followed by placement of the initial four sections on top of each other. Afterwards, the sections are welded together before assembly of additional sections continues.

Construction progressing according to schedule in Gunzenhausen

At our building construction site, last week marked the beginning of the next-to-last and largest construction phase.

It involves the showroom and loading building with total tonnage of 160 tons.


Movement of launchpad successfully completed

By the end of August, the pad was welded on a pre-assembly surface. After these tasks were completed, the pad was successfully moved to its final position on September 11, 2018 and subsequently de-stacked onto the concrete slab. The final construction phase is currently underway.

The installation of the supply mast will follow in mid-October.

Ariane 6 launchpad and supply mast / movement of launchpad on September 04, 2018

The associated launch facility ELA 4 is currently being built for the new “Ariane 6” European launch vehicle, which will go into operation in 2020.

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Heizomat / Exhibition and transfer hall with administration building

After a pre-planning phase of more than one year, Donges SteelTec GmbH was awarded the contract on March 19, 2018 for the planning, fabrication and assembly of the exhibition and transfer hall with an adjoining administration building of Heizomat GmbH in Gunzenhausen.

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Ptolemais Power Plant / Spectacular truck transport of the bases to the Gernsheim port.

In the night from February 23 to 24, 4 bases (approx. 288 tons) for the Ptolemais coal-fired power plant in Greece were transported on four heavy-duty transporters from the Donges SteelTec GmbH premises to the port in Gernsheim.

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Datteln coal-fired power plant / Final assembly of the coal conveyor bridges

The final assembly of the 40 UEY coal conveyor bridges at the Datteln 4 coal-fired power station took place between January 3 – 16, 2017.

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