A7 Voest Viaduct in Linz

Bridge spectacle on the Danube bank

Darmstadt/Linz, 28.05.2019.
An extraordinary spectacle was to be observed at the Danube bank in Linz at the motorway bridge A7.

At the end of May, numerous onlookers were able to watch the first of three pre-assembled steel bridge sections of the new bypass bridges swim from the pre-assembly site to the Linz side of the river bank under the expert guidance of the Donges assembly team, turn it there, stack it up and then move it to its final position on the river piers. The component has a total length of 74 m and a tonnage of over 1,000 t. Two pontoons, a push boat and a special climbing system are used to float in.

Work on the other two pre-assembled steel components is currently being continued at the pre-assembly site in order to move them into the final position in the same manner in the coming weeks.