A7 Voest Viaduct in Linz, Austria

A7 Voest bridge Linz / Donges SteelTec awarded contract for four partial structures of the overall A7 Voest bridges project

The planned safety expansion of the A7 Mühlkreis motorway in Linz is intended to provide more safety and less congestion for roughly 100,000 motorists each day.

As part of the overall construction project, the Voest bridge will receive two additional bridges (“bypasses”). The aim of the bypass bridges is to reduce congestion on the Danube crossing through decentralization of traffic flows. Drivers seeking to come to or from Linz are separated from those who “only” wish to drive through Linz. Once the two bridges have been completed, only the through traffic will roll over the main bridge. Moreover, there is a pedestrian and bicycle path on each bypass bridge.

Donges SteelTec was awarded the contract for four partial structures within the scope of the overall A7 Voest bridges project. The share that Donges was called upon to perform comprises the two Danube bridges (left and right of the existing bridge) and the two bicycle path bridges in the foreland area. The Danube bridges form the “bypass” for the existing structure and span from the Linz abutment via two river piers to the Urfahr abutment.
The Danube bridges are fabricated in individual sections up to 30 m in length and weighing 120 t at our plant in Darmstadt and then assembled at a pre-assembly site on the banks of the Danube into five or four building sections respectively. Three construction stages (max. weight approx. 1,300 t) per partial structure are floated over the Danube into the planned end position. Following the assembly of the bridge, the pylons and cables are assembled.

Technical information

Design: 3-span cable-stayed bridge with steel bridge deck
Length: 288 m
Largest span 132 m
Building width: 17.15 m per superstructure
Tonnage: total approx. 7,700 t
Owner: ASFiNAG
Client: ARGE A7 Voestbrücke (Consortium of Swietelsky Baugesellschaft m.b.H. and Bauunternehmung Granit Gesellschaft m.b.H.)