B54 Bridges Haiger

Bridges crossing the B54 road in Haiger / Donges SteelTec begins the assembly of the truss bridges on the construction site

The “B54 Bridges” consortium was awarded the contract for the replacement construction of the bridge structure and the dismantling of the existing structure.

Donges, as the consortium partner, is assuming the role of manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the two truss bridges. The steel construction is fabricated in the Darmstadt plant and delivered to the construction site segment by segment. Completion through welding of the individual components of the steel superstructures and the concrete roadway slab is carried out at the pre-assembly stations. By means of SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter), the prefabricated superstructures are moved from the pre-assembly site into the end position.

The replacement building is a single-span structure in composite steel construction. The trussed girders made of non-walkable steel box cross-sections spanning the BAB 45 with a span of 96 m for the northern structure and 120 m for the southern structure. The roadway slab is implemented by a cast-in-place concrete slab, which stretches across the steel cross girders. The superstructures are supported on spherical bearings on the abutments.

Technical information

Design: Steel composite construction
Total length between the end supports: superstructure north 96.00m, superstructure south 120.00m
Building width: superstructure north 14.57 m, superstructure south 15.15 m
Bridge area: superstructure north 1,420 m² , superstructure south 1,846 m²
Steel weight: superstructure north 745 t, superstructure south 1,006 t
Owner: Hessen Mobil, Moritzstrasse 16, 35683 Dillenburg, Germany