Donges pushes bridge Overfly over Nuremberg East interchange

The bridge structure 3-1 Overfly transfers an exit of the motorway A6 Rifa Amberg over the motorway junction Nuremberg East and thus reconnects the motorway A6 to the motorway A9. The new construction will improve the performance of the Nuremberg East junction.

The bridge construction is a combination of continuous girder and cable-stayed bridge and can therefore be classified as an extradosed bridge. Donges SteelTec is constructing the complete bridge in the so-called cycle basement in 6 sections. After assembly, each section is hydraulically shifted longitudinally over the abutment and the concrete piers. The next section is then connected to the displaced end of the previous section until the opposite abutment is reached.

The steel composite structure, 588 m long in total, impressively spans the 115 m span with a total of 5 pairs of pylons. Up to 55 stranded cables form the cables of the stay cables. A total of approx. 8,600 tons of steel will be used for the 588 m long bridge.

The displacement of the bridge, including the already assembled pylons and cables, is carried out in 6 cycles with the maximum displacement distances of 115 m. A 50 m long cantilever bridges the free spans during shifting and compensates for the deflections of the bridge due to its own weight when it runs onto the next pier. Shifting takes two days per cycle. It takes place on special shifting rockers and is carried out with the help of greased shifting plates that allow the steel construction to slide forward successively. In this way, the shifting load that the hydraulic presses have to apply can be reduced to a maximum of 10 % of the bridge weight.

On 22.06.2023 the 3rd shifting cycle was successfully completed, the next components of the 4th cycle are currently being assembled. The steel construction work will continue until 2024.