A380 Equipment Installation Hall, Hamburg

Airbus 380 plant expansion

Airbus A380 plant expansion at Mühlenberger Loch, Hamburg-Finkenwerder.
New construction of A380 equipment installation hall

AIRBUS Deutschland GmbH
21129 Hamburg, Germany

Within the scope of the plant expansion at “Mühlenberger Loch”, the equipment installation hall is being built for the interior fitting of four Airbus A380 aircraft. The exterior supporting structure consists of a 4-span main truss with a length of 370 m, a free span of 92 m and a construction height of 10 m, along with eight transverse trusses with a 36 m cantilever length and a construction height of 9 m.
The roof construction consisting of trusses, purlins and bracings, is attached to the external supporting structure, bearing the weight of the roof covering. To accommodate the vertical tail, the roof is raised per parking position in an area of 21 x 35 m.

Hall length 370 m
Hall width 80 m
Clear hall height 18 – 26 m

Gerkan, Marg + Partner
22763 Hamburg, Germany

Complete steel supporting structure, complete facade, roof trapezoidal sheet metal work and glazed large doors.

Construction period 2004