Ariane 6 – Launchpad

European Spaceport Kourou / French Guyana

Launchpad of the Ariane 6 rocket on the Spaceport Kourou / French Guyana

CNES (French space agency)
75039 Paris, France

Launchpad as part of the launch system of the Ariane 6 rocket consists of 13 individual sections, which are fabricated in the Darmstadt plant and transported by ship to French Guyana, assembled on site and moved into their end position.

Length approx. 20 m
Width approx. 18 m
Height approx. 4 m

Total weight 740 tons

MT Mechatronics GmbH
55130 Mainz, Germany

Technical engineering, fabrication and assembly of steel structures with corrosion protection.

Construction period 2017-2018