Berliner Brücke in Halle/Saale

Cable-stayed bridge

Replacement of the road bridge on Berliner Strasse, Halle/Saale

City of Halle/Saale
Represented by the Halle Civil Engineering Office

The steel pylon, designed as an A-frame, carries the composite roadway slab, 1.40 m high, via 6 cable pairs each. In the floorplan, the gradient follows a constant radius of 375 m. Above the tracks, the bridge is mounted in cantilever construction.

Cable-stayed bridge with steel composite roadway slab
Bridge length 171.00 m
Spans 86.85 and 84.15 m
Bridge width 20.20 m
Pylon height 73.25 m
Steel S355 1,900 t
Cable S1 570 120 t
Bridge class SLW 60/30, MLC 50/50-100

Ed. Züblin AG

Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including cables and corrosion protection.

Construction period 2003/2005