Bridge Dornheimer Wegbrücke Darmstadt

3-span all-steel deck bridge

Rehabilitation of the “Dornheimer Wegbrücke” rail overpass over the German Railway Frankfurt-Heidelberg track

The Magistrate of the City of Darmstadt
64295 Darmstadt, Germany

For almost 100 years, the “Dornheimer Wegbrücke” north of Darmstadt’s Central Station has spanned above the railway tracks. Constantly increasing traffic volumes and detrimental environmental influences all took their toll, which led to the need for a renewal of the external pedestrian and bike paths, as well as a basic overhaul. Hydraulic pumps hoisted the approx. 1,500-ton three-span truss bridge 1.60 meters above road level and placed it on auxiliary supports for the duration of the renovation work and later back onto the bridge bearings.

3-span all-steel deck bridge with orthotropic roadway slab
Bridge length 162.60 m
Spans 48 – 66.60 – 48 m
Bridge width 15.20 m
Roadway width 9.00 m
Pedestrian pathway width 2.80 m
Bridge class SLW 60/30, MLC 50/50-100

Donges renewed and renovated the entire damaged steel structure.

Construction period 2002-2004