Darmstadt Central Station

Renovation of historical halls and rail platforms

Renewal of the roof in Darmstadt Central Station

DB Station & Service AG
Regionalbereich Mitte
60326 Frankfurt/M., Germany

Renovation of the transverse hall, erected in 1911 in Art Nouveau style, and the five longitudinal halls, each with two continuous tracks for passenger traffic. The steel construction is dismantled and disposed of and subsequently rebuilt in sections from assembled profiles made of sheet metal and curved angular profiles true to the originals. The rivets are replaced by approx. 200,000 round-head high-strength fitted bolts; new construction elements are used for roofs and walls.

Length: 137.6 m
Width: 94.0 m
Span of transverse hall: 34.2 m
Span of longitudinal halls: 18.0 to 20.2 m
Height: 18.5 m
Steel structure: 1,400 t

Deutsche Eisenbahn-Consulting GmbH
60598 Frankfurt/M., Germany

ARGE Hallendach Hauptbahnhof Darmstadt (Consortium)
Donges Stahlbau GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany
Strabag AG, Dir. Hochbau Süd, Darmstadt

Works planning, delivery and assembly of the steel structure and corrosion protection

Construction period 2005-2008