„Best Bridge of the Year 2014 Worldwide“

Institution of Structural Engineers, London

Elbe Bridge Schönebeck

Cable-stayed bridge

New construction of the Schönebeck cable-stayed composite bridge as part of the B246a, Schönebeck bypass over the Elbe

Landesbetrieb Bau Sachsen-Anhalt, Niederlassung Mitte (Saxony-Anhalt Regional Construction Office, “Central” Branch Office)

The 1,128.5 m long bridge is divided into a 309 m long foreland bridge on the south side, a 330.5 m long reinforced concrete section on the north side and a 489.0 m long bridge across the river, whose main span extends 185 m. The span across the River Elbe is suspended from a 73 m high pylon via 9 multi-stranded cable pairs.

Cable-stayed bridge with steel composite deck slab
Bridge length
489.00 m
Spans 34 – 4 × 37.5 – 3 × 40 – 185 m
Bridge width 11.60 m
Pylon height 73.00 m
Steel S355 1,080 t
Cable S1770 180 t
Bridge class DIN Fb 101

ARGE Elbebrücke Schönebeck Kirchner / Donges SteelTec (Consortium)

Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including corrosion protection.

Construction period 2010 / 2013

Recognized by the “Institution of Structural Engineers”, London
“Best Bridge of the Year 2014 Worldwide”