Erfurt Central Station

Two-section station roofing

New construction of a two-section hall roof

DB Station & Service AG
01069 Dresden, Germany

New construction of the Erfurt Central Station. On a two-level concrete structure, which houses an underground parking facility and a service center with shops and restaurants, a two-section steel construction spans the tracks. The trusses of the side sections with a 20 m span and the three-chord trusses with a 65 m span each feature an arched design and are supported with an offset level by extending wishbone-shaped columns made out of pipe sections. The three-chord trusses with an overall height of 6 m made out of pipes mainly have bolted connections. The stabilization of the structure is achieved by bracings in the roof and the longitudinal walls in the center lines of the columns.

Length 137.6 m
Width 94.0 m
Span of transverse hall 34.2 m
Span of longitudinal halls 18.0 to 20.2 m
Height 18.5 m
Steel structure 1,400 t

Architekten Gössler
20459 Hamburg, Germany

ARGE Ingenieurbau Erfurt (Consortium)

Structural engineering, fabrication and assembly of the steel construction including corrosion protection

Construction period 2004 to 2006, 2008 to 2009