Kattwyk Bridge Hamburg

Deck bridge made of prefabricated composite beams

15-span Kattwyk road bridge as a deck bridge made of prefabricated composite beams in the Port of Hamburg

HPA – Hamburg Port Authority
Neuer Wandrahm
20457 Hamburg, Germany

Bridge structure as a continuous girder in composite construction.
Welded I-beams with top chords concreted on top as reinforced concrete partial prefab sections with cast-in-place concrete completion of the roadway slab.

Bridge length: 571.45 m
Span: 25.50 – 31.50 m
Construction height: 1.10 m
Bridge width: 10.30 m
Bridge class: LM71 and SW2, SW0
Steel S355 J2+N: 625 t

Hentschke Bau GmbH
02625 Bautzen, Germany

Donges manufactures and delivers the entire steel structure, including corrosion protection.

Construction period 2015

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