Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

BBI rail connection

Pedestrian and bicycle overpass over the tracks of the Görlitz railway and the S-Bahn commuter line to Berlin’s new BBI Airport.

DB Projektbau GmbH
12529 Berlin-Schönefeld, Germany

Integral all-steel bridge with cross-section of cover plate and girder grid of (partially) curved rolled sections supported on angled pipe supports which are set in reinforced concrete foundations. The sheet-metal pedestrian and cycling surface is coated with a thin non-slip coating.

Integral all-steel bridge with cross section
Length of steel superstructure 199.2 m
Max. span 27.2 m (in track area)
Section lengths up to 23.7 m
Bridge width approx. 3 m
Steel S355 J2 + N 209 t
Bridge class DIN Fb 101

Tiefbau Suhl GmbH
98527 Suhl, Germany

Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including corrosion protection.

Construction period 2014