Sassnitz Steel Cable Bridge with Ramp Brigde and Stair Tower

Steel cable bridge with steel box girder

Pedestrian steel cable bridge with steel composite ramp and stair tower in Sassnitz

BIG Städtebau Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH

Project description

Steel cable bridge with steel box girders as circular ring girders and a ramp bridge as double-girder steel composite slab beam, stair tower in steel construction.

Technical specifications

Steel cable bridge with ramp bridge and stair tower
Bridge length
243.00 m

Steel cable bridge
Pylon height
41.80 m
Span 118.00 m
Bridge width 3.18 m

Ramp bridge
Section length 10 x 12.37 m
Bridge class DIN Fb 101
Steel S355+S460 365 t

Structural engineer

Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner GbR
70178 Stuttgart, Germany

General contractor

Mölders Baugesellschaft mbH
30559 Hannover, Germany


Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including corrosion protection.

Construction period

Construction period 2007