Family barbecue at Donges SteelTec

Donges SteelTec celebrated a special summer party in the company’s history on August 30th in glorious sunshine.

The members of the works council had invited all employees and their families as well as retired former colleagues to a summer party in the company courtyard. With suckling pig, Argentinian steaks and cool drinks, all guests had ample opportunity to exchange memories of joint projects and to inform themselves about current production orders during a workshop tour. For the children, a large bouncy castle and a painting table were specially organised as a pastime.

The two managing directors, Johannes Laumann and Peter Brechtelsbauer, together with the chairman of the works council, Ercan Kaya, welcomed the two guests of honour: the former owner of the company, Rainer Müller-Donges, and the long-standing managing director, Dr. Volker Adam. They also took the opportunity to present the newly formed Donges Group. Representatives of the partner companies Kalzip and FDT had travelled from Koblenz and Mannheim to the celebration and could inform themselves locally about the new parent company.

It was a carefree and very talk intensive afternoon. And certainly, the family celebration also brought the Donges company family a little closer together.