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One of the highest railway bridges in Europe gets a new steel superstructure

At 96 m, the Jauntal Bridge in Austria is one of the highest railway bridges in Europe. In the course of the construction of the new double-track Koralmbahn railway line, the existing single-track structure of the Jauntal Bridge will be upgraded to a modern, double-track steel truss composite structure. Donges SteelTec has been awarded the contract for the manufacture, delivery and assembly of the steel superstructure. The 3300 tonne steel structure will be manufactured at the Darmstadt plant. The 428 m long steel structure will first be assembled in three segments on a pre-assembly area below the existing bridge. The three structural elements are then moved transversely and longitudinally one after the other. In the process, the old and new supporting structures are connected to each other and the existing bridge is also pushed out.

The spectacular assembly work high above the river Drava begins in early January, when the first of the three segments of the new superstructure is first shifted transversely and then coupled to the existing structure. The first longitudinal shift will then follow in February. A technical and logistical challenge for our employees and, after the Danube bridge in Linz (bypass bridges), another milestone for our company in neighbouring Austria.


Management of Donges SteelTec looks ahead to the new year with confidence

At the last works meeting of the year, Dr Wolf Cornelius thanked all employees for their commitment and successful work in the past business year. Full order books and a correspondingly good presence of the company in the steel construction market allow the management to look positively into the next year. Against this background, the works council and the management agreed in advance on the payment of an inflation compensation to the employees. After so much positive news, the employees celebrated the end of the year in the Christmas-decorated inner courtyard of the company premises. Hot chestnuts, mulled wine and bratwurst from the Donges Grill ensured physical well-being and a good mood until late in the evening.


Bridge construction division is pleased with major contract for the replacement construction of the Pfaffendorfer Bridge in Koblenz

Donges SteelTec, as part of the ARGE Pfaffendorfer Brücke consortium, has been awarded the contract for the replacement construction of the Pfaffendorfer Bridge in Koblenz.

As an important link across the Rhine, the existing bridge must be completely replaced by a new one. For this purpose, the 311 m long steel composite bridge, which is broken up in the area of the pier coves, will first be built in the lateral position next to the existing bridge and, after the demolition of the existing bridge, will be moved transversely into the final position.

Donges SteelTec is taking over the technical responsibility for the entire structure by preparing the structural analysis of the river bridge, the assembly planning and the execution and workshop drawings within the consortium. Around 5,500 tonnes of steel structure will be manufactured and corrosion-protected in the halls of Donges SteelTec GmbH in Darmstadt. Afterwards, the steel elements, weighing up to 450 tonnes, will be successively transported by ship via a pre-assembly site on the Rhine to the construction site, where they will be assembled above the Rhine by means of floating cranes.

The work for the new Rhine bridge will be carried out between 2023 and 2027



Another milestone in the company history of Donges SteelTec GmbH.


Structural engineering division receives major order from Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH for the construction of a new 63-metre-high production hall. The contract includes the delivery and erection of the primary as well as the secondary steel structure including the building envelope with doors and gates. Drainage, lightning protection and SHEVS are also part of the contract.

Donges SteelTec is preparing the shop drawings and the erection planning. It is planned to erect the 8500 tonne steel structure using conventional lifting assembly. Erection is scheduled to start in mid-2023.

The 183 m long, 46 m wide and 63 m high hall will be equipped over its entire length with a crane runway for two bridge cranes with a load capacity of 500 tonnes each. Due to the partially large distances between the columns, the crane runway girders are designed as open welded profiles with an overall height of 4500 mm.

The entire project is being realised as a joint venture with the company GP Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH, Hanover.

“We are very proud to have been awarded the contract for this forward-looking project. In this new hall construction, we can perfectly combine our know-how and experience from structural steel engineering as well as bridge construction,” says Dr Wolf Cornelius, Managing Director of Donges SteelTec GmbH.



A new phase of life begins for seven young people – their training at Donges SteelTec

We are pleased to be able to accompany our technical system planners and construction mechanics on this exciting path. At Donges SteelTec, the trainees can expect a varied range of training courses, internal training and a very good working atmosphere.

We wish all seven a pleasant start to their professional lives and much success in their training in our company.



Steel ladder to heaven on the Tromm

Donges SteelTec is building the new Irene observation tower on the Tromm for the municipality of Rimbach – a steel construction that resembles a ladder to heaven.

The assembly of the free-standing 34 m high and 50-tonne supporting structure with staircases, landings and railings made of galvanised or coated steel has now begun. An open cladding of wooden beams is being installed on the sides.

The futuristic-looking steel tower is a central component of the newly planned UNESCO Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald.


Donges SteelTec moves 1400-ton steel bridge of the motorway A73 into final position

Even storm “Zeynep” and “Antonia” could not stop our technicians: At the end of February, the second superstructure of the motorway bridge in the direction of Bamberg was shifted at the A73 junction Breitengüßbach Süd. The steel structure, which weighs around 1,400 tonnes, is 150 metres long and approx. 18 metres wide, was pushed into its final position over the weekend across the B 4 trunk road, the railway tracks and a field path. Completion of the 3-span steel composite bridge is planned for autumn 2022.

Donges SteelTec GmbH makes significant contribution to the new Ariane launch facility at the spaceport in Kourou / French Guyana

Darmstadt/Kourou, 18 October 2021

A dedicated launch facility is being built for the latest generation of ESA’s “Ariane 6” launcher at the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. At the heart of the new launch facility are the launch table, from which the rocket will start, and a supply mast, which will be used to supply the rocket with various media prior to launch.

Both structures are heavy steel constructions, i.e. structures that Donges SteelTec specialises in manufacturing, supplying and assembling.

The launch table is designed as a hollow steel box construction with dimensions of 20.00 m x 18.00 m x 3.80 m. A total of 740 t of steel were used here. The supply mast is square in ground plan with side dimensions of 6.50 m. With an overall height of 60.00 m, the 400 t mast is visible from afar on the launch pad in the sky above Kourou.

All steel components for the launch table and mast were manufactured at the Donges SteelTec GmbH plant in Darmstadt and then transported by sea from Amsterdam to Kourou. After a construction period of almost 3 ½ years, the assembly activities have now also been successfully completed. Now the structures have been handed over to the CNES (Centre National d’ Etudes Spatiales = National Centre for Space Research). The launch of the first Ariane 6 launcher is planned for next year.

First lattice girders lifted into place at the new Bayernkaserne school centre in Munich

Darmstadt/München, June 30th, 2021. On the site of the former Bavaria Barracks in Munich, a new school centre is being built on an area of 25,800 m² with a grammar school, a primary school, sports halls, a refectory, an underground carpark, a swimming pool and sports facilities.

Construction work has been underway since last year, and now the first 4 steel trusses (L/H/W: 28.50 x 4.78 x 0.60 m) with a lifting weight of 88.9 t each have been lifted into place above the primary school sports hall. The heavy, oversized steel structures were manufactured in our factory in Darmstadt and then transported to the construction site in Munich with a special heavy-duty vehicle. On site, the Donges assembly team, with its many years of experience and know-how, ensured that the steel colossi could be lifted into place with precision using a crawler crane. The lattice girders were then prestressed using a strand tensioning system and are now gradually being relieved again as the solid construction progresses.

In total, Donges SteelTec has been commissioned with the manufacture, delivery and assembly of 11 truss girders, 9 composite girders and 3 box girders as part of the new school construction project, as well as the provision of the auxiliary assembly structure.

Since 2011, the Federal Ministry of Construction and the Federal Chamber of Architects have awarded the German Architecture Prize. The procedure is carried out by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.

The German Architecture Prize is awarded to buildings that are exemplary for the development of contemporary building. They must be of special architectural quality or bear witness to exemplary treatment in the renovation and modernisation of historical buildings, to sustainable building in ecological, economic and social terms, and contribute positively to the design of the public space.

In the context of this year’s German Architecture Award, the jury awarded recognition for the design of the public space to the footpath and cycle path bridge over the Rheinstraße in Darmstadt.

We are pleased about the public recognition and are proud to have played a major role in the realisation of the “Red Bridge”.