A380 Section Assembly Hall Hamburg

Airbus A380 plant expansion

Airbus A380 plant expansion at Mühlenberger Loch, Hamburg-Finkenwerder.
New construction – A380 Equipment Installation Hall.

AIRBUS Deutschland GmbH
21129 Hamburg, Germany

Within the scope of the plant expansion at “Mühlenberger Loch”, in the first construction phase the Equipment Installation Hall was erected for the assembly of the Airbus A380 fuselage sections (center and tail sections). Five external main trusses 120 m long and 10 m high are stabilized by 40 m long, rigid secondary trusses. The suspended crane runway girders can handle loads of up to max. 10 tons.

Hall length 228 m
Hall width 120 m
Hall height 23 m
Upper edge of truss 33 m

Gerkan, Marg + Partner
22763 Hamburg, Germany

Arge A380 Sektionsbauhalle (Consortium)
Strabag AG /August Prien Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co.
Donges Stahlbau GmbH

Complete steel support structure, facade and roof work.

Construction period 2002