Mühlenkopf Ski Jumping Hill

SC-Willingen ski jumping hill, town of Willingen/Hochsauerland

New construction of the Mühlenkopf ski jumping hill

Town of Willingen/Hochsauerland

In-run tower with elevated run-in track as a steel trough, lateral access steps and stairs, two-level ski jump top (at the bottom a garage for track milling machine, glazed lounge at the top), connected via a bridge to a stiffened solid concrete stair tower.

Type of ski jumping hill: Large hill (L 120 m)
Total height approx. 59.00 m
In-run length approx. 107.00 m
Width, entrance approx. 8.00 m
In-run width approx. 2.50 m
Slope of in-run 35°
Steel structure 82 t

Pahl + Weber-Pahl, Architekten BDA
Darmstadt, Germany

Steel construction for the in-run facility, with in-run tower, top of the ski jumping hill and tower stairs, stainless steel glazing at the top of the hill, acrylic crash barriers and jump railings, floor covering at the top of the hill.

Construction period 2000 / 2001