Heppenheim Biogas Plant

Planning, fabrication and assembly

Heppenheim Biogas Plant

Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft (Waste Management Authority)
68623 Lampertheim, Germany

New construction of a biogas plant to generate electricity from organic waste. The hall complex consisting of a fermenter hall with fermenter boxes, rotting hall with rotting boxes, delivery hall and compost storage hall.

Hall lengths 28 / 35 / 30 / 54 m
Hall widths 38 / 18 / 30 / 30 m

Ridge heights between 10 and 13 m
Hall area 4,250 m2

Weight 180 tons

ARGE Biogasanlage (Biogas plant Consortium)
64646 Heppenheim, Germany

Planning, fabrication and assembly

– of the steel structure
– of facade and roof with SHEV system
– of the pipe substructure
– of sheet metal cladding of concrete facades

Construction period 2014