Olfen-Vinnum Lippe Canal Bridge

Steel rectangular cross section canal bridges

Lippe Canal Bridge Complex No. 908N
Dortmund-Ems Canal km 23,236N

Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Datteln (Datteln New Waterway Construction Office)
45711 Datteln, Germany

The three superstructures are designed as deck bridges made of steel girder gratings with a continuous ballast bed. The steel structure is lifted into its final position by a rail-mounted crane.

Steel rectangular cross section canal bridges
Bridge length 73.80 m
Spans 24.00 – 24.80 – 24.00 m
Bridge width between approach piers 26.00 m
Bridge class according to the requirements specification
Steel S235 / S355

ARGE Kanalbrücke Lippe (Consortium)
Züblin – Maas – WaTi
Donges Stahlbau GmbH
47053 Duisburg, Germany

Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including corrosion protection.

Construction period 2004/2009

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