Railway overpass Hattenbergstraße, Mainz

Lifting of the new railway overpass

In the night from Good Friday to Saturday the lifting of the new railway overpass over the Hattenbergstraße in Mainz took place.

During the day, two 500-ton cranes were used to dismantle the temporary bridges before the assembly of the new bridges could begin in the evening.

The railway overpass consists of three separate superstructures. Each superstructure is designed as a trough bridge with thick plate.  On each of the two outer superstructures a walkway is attached on one side. The span width of the bridges is approx. 22.00 m, the construction height is 1.5 m. Each of the superstructures has a width of approx. 4.50 m. The footpaths have widths of up to 1.35 m.
This resulted in unit weights of up to 135 tons.

The bridges were set down on allowance stacks and then the bearings were cast.

The Hattenbergstraße railway overpass went into operation on schedule.