Ptolemais Power Plant

Ptolemais Power Plant / Spectacular truck transport of the bases to the Gernsheim port.

In the night from February 23 to 24, 4 bases (approx. 288 tons) for the Ptolemais coal-fired power plant in Greece were transported on four heavy-duty transporters from the Donges SteelTec GmbH premises to the port in Gernsheim.

From there they are shipped by vessel to the vicinity of Thessaloniki.

Transport within the city required very extensive and elaborate advance planning
by the Donges shipping department. The challenges associated with a heavy transport of this magnitude were evident at the corner of Bismarckstrasse/Am Alten Bahnhof: In order for the steel components, which including the transporter reached a height of 5.50 m, to pass under the overhead tram lines, an employee from the city, working in a bucket truck, had to lift the lines. The crossing of Eschollbrücker Strasse was also spectacular: Because the bridge there is not equipped to handle the weight of the transporters, it was built over in advance with a steel bridge (so-called flyover). At around 3 o’clock in the night, the drivers balanced the large behemoth with millimeter precision over the narrow makeshift bridge. All those involved felt relief once this hurdle was overcome without any problems.