Dill Bridge Buderus Wetzlar

Curved trough bridge

Expansion of the “Curved Dill Bridge” on the Buderus plant site in Wetzlar

Buderus Edelstahl GmbH
35576 Wetzlar, Germany

Project description

The combined road and railway bridge consists of two welded main girders and a girder grid positioned between them. The girder grid is formed by a system of longitudinal and transverse girders and represents the supporting structure of the concrete road slab and rail tracks. The bridge is lifted into place in three segments with mobile cranes.

Technical specifications

Curved trough bridge
Bridge length
76.00 m
Spans 22.7 – 24.9 – 28.4 m
Bridge width 6.90 m
Bridge class DIN Fb 101
Steel S355 J2/K2 183 t

General contractor

Adam Hörnig Baugesellschaft mbH & Co.
63741 Aschaffenburg, Germany


Donges manufactures, delivers and assembles the complete steel structure including corrosion protection.

Construction period

Construction period 2011 / 2012