Spectacular lifting of the cross beam in axis 11

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, another section of the Dorlar viaduct of A45 motorway was erected.

Using a 650t crawler crane, the supporting cross beam was successfully lifted into axis 11.
The installation team only had a time window of four hours for the total operation, as the adjacent rail traffic was blocked during this time period.

In the two days that followed, the four longitudinal girders extending across the Lahn River were also lifted.

Beginning of the construction of the 2nd construction phase

The 2nd construction phase of the Heidingsfeld motorway viaduct was launched at the beginning of this week.

Construction began with the build-up of the foundations in the form station, on which the first steel components are to be laid in beginning of November.

The first section of the new bridge structure over the A1 motorway was successfully erected.

On the first weekend in September, 8 steel girders of the new bridge structure were lifted over the A1 motorway near Cologne in two night operations.

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The first components of the Voest bypass bridges arrive at the construction site in Linz

The end cross girder (section 1) and section 2 of the new Linz bypass bridges arrived on schedule at the Linz construction site on August 25, 2018.

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Bridges crossing the B54 road in Haiger / Donges SteelTec begins the assembly of the truss bridges on the construction site

The “B54 Bridges” consortium was awarded the contract for the replacement construction of the bridge structure and the dismantling of the existing structure.

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Heidingsfeld Viaduct / Engineering performance at the highest level

With approx. 10,000 t of steel construction, the Heidingsfeld viaduct on the A3 motorway near Würzburg is currently one of the largest bridge construction projects under construction in Germany.

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Lützelbach viaduct / first increment at a height of 50 m above the valley successfully completed

Since the end of 2013, the Lützelbach viaduct on the A45 motorway, located between Dillenburg and Herborn-West interchanges, has been dismantled and replaced by new structure.

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Petersdorf Bridge / Donges SteelTec closes the gap over Lake Petersdorf

The contract called for the dismantling and replacement of the A19 motorway bridge over Lake Petersdorf (separate superstructures for each lane).

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A7 Voest bridge Linz / Donges SteelTec awarded contract for four partial structures of the overall A7 Voest bridges project

The planned safety expansion of the A7 Mühlkreis motorway in Linz is intended to provide more safety and less congestion for roughly 100,000 motorists each day.

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