Elbe Bridge Riesa

Single-track trough arch bridge

ABS Leipzig – Dresden
Elbe bridge Riesa – Röderau
3. Track, Railway Bridge km 66,274 – 66,649

DB Netz AG

From axis 10 – 40 as a river bridge with a 101.40 m long arched bridge crossing the Elbe River and from axis 40-70 as a foreland bridge. The bridge consists of two external, parallel-girder main girders with intermediate orthotropic roadway slabs. The ballast bed is bounded laterally by ballast edge girders. Walkways with integrated cable ducts are provided on both sides between these edge girders and the main girders. The stiffening girder of the arched span bridge is fabricated as a double T-profile, which merges into a box girder cross-section in the area of the arch intersection points. The two arches are connected by Vierendeel truss. The steel structure is fabricated in sections on a pre-assembly site and then moved longitudinally into the end position using the incremental launching method. For this construction stage, both three-span girders must be coupled.

Single-track trough arch bridge, consisting of two three-span girders with an orthotropic roadway slab
Bridge length
346.57 m
Spans 43.60 – 101.40 und 4 x 50.00 m
Bridge width 8.00 m
Arch height 14.30 m
Bridge class FM71 / SW2
Steel S355 J2G3 + S235J2G3 2,000 t

ARGE Sächsische Bau GmbH (Consortium)
Donges Stahlbau GmbH

Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the complete steel construction including corrosion protection.

Construction period 2004/2005